VARS was Born Out of Frustration of Not being able to Find and Buy products from different Stores from the Comfort of our Home with our electronic devices at this Modern Time. VARS made it their Mission to help Grow Entrepreneurs and Business Owners whilst Making It Easy for the Customers to purchase all their Needs & Wants from 1 Store.
VARS was Created by a University Student Who Believes that in a modern world People should be able to Buy Products at any time with more variation and be able to compare products easier as it saves Money and Time.
VARS aims to help sellers that don't have the opportunity to have their web-page or Reach more Customers through Online by providing them with a Free Web-page that they can place all their Products on it and Sell their Products.
The Team behind VARS has been planning this project for months and will continue to work on people's desires and opportunities with Great diligence.

Our Vision

VARS’s Vision is to be The Leading Online Shopping Platform in Georgia, By Putting Millions of Products into 1 Store.

Our Mission

VARS’s Mission is to Empower Entrepreneurs and Business Owners by Increasing their Sales and Raising Brand Awareness by Allowing Customers to Discover Products from a Variety of Stores and Allowing them to Purchase it and Receive all of their Products Together at their Doorstep!

Buy on VARS

  • Better Prices
  • Saves Time
  • Low Prices
  • Ability to Shop 24/7
  • Ability to Compare Prices
  • Greater Variety of Products
  • Free Shipping. (T&C's Apply)
  • Free Return & Exchange (Return Policy) 
  • Convenience of Every Product you need in one place
  • Buy Products from Different Stores & Receive All Products Together 

Sell on VARS

  • Always open, always selling
  • Ship your orders, stress-free
  • Secure payments, regularly
  • Stay in control of price changes
  • Benefit from all time deals
  • Exclusive URL Link for your Store (vars.ge/store/your-store-name)
Need help ?

Have a Question or in doubt? Check our Frequently Asked Question Page. 

If you don't find your Question Answered there, Please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected]  We will assist you right away.

Arshia Movahedi
Arshia Movahedi CEO & Founder